Proposal Bled horse-drawn carriage, Slovenia
"Proposal Bled horse-drawn carriage, Slovenia"

Hi girls.

Wow what a event! It was the perfect surprise for her!
Thanks Tina for helping me with my proposal in such short time notice!

On our holiday through a couple countries in Europe I wanted to propose to my girlfriend. At home, the Netherlands, I bought a nice traditional diamond ring for her and planned the propose somewhere our first nights in Switzerland. I had arranged a picknick somewhere up in the mountains but the weather was not with us these days so I skipped having a picknick at 5 degrees. Next stop was Italy so I thought Venetia will be my next change! Sadly more people where there and having rush hour in a gondola wasn’t romantic at all. Next stop was Croatia where we visited Krka waterfalls, unfortunately the weather was not that good again and I want it to be really special for us but I couldn't find that moment there.

Back home at the camping in our mobile-home I was carefully searching the internet for proposal idea’s in Croatia or our next stop in Slovenia! This is where I met divine travel and start writing a mail to Tina at wednesday. Because we were planning to stay only 2 nights somewhere in Slovenia and already leaving this Saturday from Croatia our time schedule was short. But she managed to arrange the perfect surprise on Saturday around 18:00.

We arrived 15:00 at a campsite near Bled and overwhelmed by the nature of our first stay in Slovania. I told my girlfriend, Tineke, that I had a surprise for her at 18:00 at the lake in Bled. There in front of a pub we stopped and I looked at my watch, almost 18:00. I told her to put some earrings in because we planned to have some dinner in Bled. Then a horse carriage stopped in front of the pub. I looked at her and say “here is the surprise” and pointed at the carriage. She was surprised and loved it. We entered the horse carriage and the ride around the lake started.

Tina told me there will be waiting someone with champagne, roses and a pillow on a pier somewhere at the lake. But I didn’t know where exactly! I started to get nervous :)

So we were riding around the lake and enjoying the view. I was looking carefully for some pier where it all should happen. One moment when we turned a corner I saw a person with a small table waiting for someone on a pier. It took us 10 minutes to arrive there and Tineke did not saw him until we stopped. She was like, ‘hmm why are we stopping here’ until she turns around and sees the pier, table, pillow, roses and him for the first time. She is overwhelmed and didn't knew what to say but only having a big smile on her mouth and beginning to laugh from happiness. I took her hand and we walked down to the pier. I knelt on my knees and told her how happy I was with her and asked her if she wanted to spent the rest of her life with me. I showed her the ring and asked if she wanted to marry me. She only could say Yes yes yes to any question I asked her. She was overwhelmed from this perfect surprise and moment.

She never had a minute thinking I wanted to propose to her this holiday until we stopped at the pier. After we kissed and hugged each other the bottle was opened and we enjoyed the moment, champagne and the view of the lake. Also the horse carriage driver and the person from the restaurant waiting on the pier did take a lot of pictures on my cell phone from this special moment.

After we drank some champagne and spending some time on the pier we continued our ride in the horse carriage to the restaurant where we met the same person again from the pier. There he helped us on our table with some more champagne and a lovely diner.

Wow what a event! It was the perfect surprise for her!

Thanks Tina for helping me with my proposal in such short time notice!


Sjoerd and Tineke