Why you should get married in Slovenia

A unique, stress-free wedding in a beautiful location, just the two of you or surrounded by your closest family and friends. Sounds like a dream, right? Congratulations, you’ve just pictured Slovenia!

This pocket-sized European country is the ideal choice for an unforgettable wedding. If you’re looking for something different in a beautiful destination, where you can start the rest of your life with that special someone, Slovenia is the perfect choice to make your dreams come true. It offers privacy and romance in the most wonderful spots such as mountains, lakes, beaches and castles. Honestly, how more romantic can it get when even the name itself has the word love in it.

It’s good to know that both civil and church weddings are possible. And an even more important piece of information is that as of 2016 same-sex marriages are legal and can be performed at all locations.


Breath-taking wedding destinations

Despite its small size, Slovenia is filled with romantic spots, suitable for every couple.

One of the most romantic and consequently most popular wedding locations is Bled. Its greatest attraction is a wonderful blue-green glacial lake with a small, fairy-tale-like island in the middle. In the ancient times, the island included a temple of the pagan goddess of love, and today you can tie the knot in the beautiful church of the Assumption. Perched atop a steep cliff above the lake is the magical medieval Bled castle, where you can make a wish at the wishing well or enjoy the exquisite view of the town, with a good glass of wine from the castle’s wine cellar.

Do you want to have a luxurious wedding near the sea? The Slovene Riviera is a mix of vibrant Slovenian and Italian cultures. Portorož is the best spot for a lush wedding. This lively and gorgeous Mediterranean town is perfect, with its clean beaches, spa centers, casinos and bars. However, if you’re a fan of smaller and calmer historic seaside towns, Piran is a great choice.


Perhaps you’d like to enjoy the warm sun and the smell of salt in the air but don’t really want to marry near the sea. Why not get married in a cave? The Postojna cave is very close to the Mediterranean Sea and offers an unforgettable and unique wedding. Additionally, if unique landscape has piqued your interest, you cannot miss the chance to visit the southwestern Karst Plateau. Karst offers a myriad of marvels – underground rivers, caves and gorges – an ideal place for a stunning wedding.

What about a classic fairy-tale wedding in a castle? You can pick between several magnificent castles, from the Bled and the Predjama to the Otočec castles. Another extremely popular wedding venue is the Ljubljana castle. Perched atop a hill in the old part of town, it offers one of the most beautiful views of the capital of Slovenia and if the weather is agreeable you can see all the way to the Alps.

On the other hand, Ljubljana is perfect for romance as even the name itself means “beloved”. The capital of Slovenia is known for its youthful and urban vibe with its many shops and restaurants, while at the same time offering a quiet escape to nature. Whether you want to get married in the beautiful ancient old part of town or in the middle of a serene park surrounded by blooming trees, Ljubljana can make your dream wedding location become a reality.

If you imagine rolling hills, green valleys, and snowy mountains when thinking about your special day, then Bovec is the answer. Protected by the emerald river Soča, Bovec will charm you with numerous outdoor activities and spectacular nature and will help you have a romantic and intimate wedding away from the quick and busy city scene. Another great location for an enchanting wedding is Goriška Brda. You can make your love official among vineyards, olive groves and cherry trees.


Celebrate your love in the wonderful, magical and divine Slovenia!

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Tjasa Umbreht, Divine Travel